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I have to wonder how trustworthy results from a FOIA request to the CIA would be. Maybe it’s just my cynical nature but seems like the CIA would be able to figure a way around those. I am completely uneducated on these things though so don’t mind me.

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I do find it frustrating when Wenstrup, Turner, and others refer to the origin of Covid-19, not the origin of SARS-CoV-2 and, as a journalist, I need to quote their letters, etc. as they are written. I do, whenever possible, refer to the origin of SARS-CoV-2 rather than the origin of Covid-19, but even the legislation I write about in this and other articles is called the 2023 COVID-19 Origin Act. This is my article about this latest development: https://changingtimes.media/2023/09/13/us-congressmen-say-cia-analysts-were-given-a-significant-monetary-incentive-to-change-their-position-on-the-origin-of-covid-19/

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I gave up trying to teach people that SARS-2 is the pathogen label and Covid-19 is the effect that happens in a tiny minority of older vulnerable people. You get a blank stare with a hint of hostility. So...

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Whenever I see information coming from the CIA, I wonder what the purpose is for this lie.

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They refer to it as covid because sars-cov2 only exists in silico. And has been stated publicly on more than one occasion.

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If the CIA follows the request to the letter, there will be basically no discovery on the origins of the Pandemic or the origins of the virus itself that causes the disease known as COVID-19. Simply a nice 'out' that was kindly given to the CIA by Wenstrup and Turner.

The alternative is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_QDA6Y6cp8 "You don't need to pass an IQ test to be in the senate, though... hahaha"

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Just a sloppy clerk, unaware of the difference between a pathogen and a disease which that pathogen may cause in an infected host.

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Why COVID 19 vs the reality of SARS Cov2? Because it's marketing, yeah baby😉

Seriously, they made it a marketing thing very early in the piece. March/April 2020 it was all "oh no, horrible virus that makes you cytokine storm, which has another scary name, called the covid-19!!😯😯😯".

It's propaganda schtick, thanks to recommendations from SAGE document nudge propaganda UK. 👏👏🙏🙏

Unfortunately, the average petrified Joe, thinks they are interchangeable.

I think your FOI was just written by a desk jockey in CIA.😉 BTJMO

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America, Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, where We The People must submit (in triplicate) and timidly request from those that supposedly work for us, to see what they've been doing with what we paid for, IF THEY WILL ALLOW us to, of course. How incredibly stupid, weak, immoral! Justice comes!

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When you think about it, this whole pandemic has been a narrative that blurs the meaning of words…

Think about the PCR test, a positive result was labeled as a Covid Case (Covid infection/disease), deaths with a positive PCR are still being labeled as a Covid Death, this is so far from the truth! Everyone that has looked into PCRs would know that it tests for a fragment of the alleged SARS-CoV-2 virus it is non-diagnostic, it does not test for the disease Covid-19 which is said to have symptoms similar to the seasonal cold/flu. There has never been a study that proves this virus is the causative agent for any disease! This is obvious to any person with half a brain, as parts of if can be found on people with absolutely no symptoms.

So when people misuse Covid as the virus this is either on purpose or it shows they are blindly parroting what they have been told to mislead everyone else, that is also blindly following along.

It is all about keeping the lab generated or natural pathogenic virus fear alive ready for the next release, even though statistical evidence (all cause mortality) clearly shows that no viral/contagion pattern occurred in the last four years.

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Irrespective, a dedicated professional analyst attempted to establish the veracity of the so-called covid-19 virus by directing FOI inquiries to virtually all western government health regulators, with the result that, from somewhere like 90 responses, NOT ONE could confirm they had observed/collected a pure sample virus isolated from any human carrier. Her strong observation is that the virus doesn't exist.

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Definitely permits wiggle-room. They should have put both in the letter.

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While they are at it they should ask the CIA for information about it's role in the assassinations of JFK and RFK, the Gulf of Tonkin false flag that escalated the war in Viet Nam, the bombing of the World Trade Center on 9/11, Saddam's weapons of mass destruction that did not exist, Russiagate, the bombing of the Nord Stream pipelines, and the creation of the mRNA bioweapons and the campaign of fear to frighten the sheep to take it, and overthrowing the government of Ukraine in 2014 which led to the destruction of Ukraine and possibly WWIII.

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Is it possible they are up to no good? never....oh no.....never.

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A post I just sent to John Barbour relative to trying to get him to make a documentary exposing how media has been hijacked by Big Vaccine, Government Lawfare, and the Deep State

Just saw you were in hospital. What happened? Please call me. I want to get your work on YouTube or Substack or Rumble for a while for free so we can go viral. Ultimately, we should get it in school systems where they will pay for it but I really think we should put it out for free to start. It needs to be seen. Please send me your cell phone again. Mine is 312–371-5078. I need to be your publicist. I saw you just responded to this so you must have gotten it already, but I think this message about one of my mentors, @MarkCrispinMiller. Did you say you did a talk with him? He has been so out front about the plandemic and sudden death from mRNA kill shot. This is why your work on media as a form of psychological warfare is so important. No one else has told that story. Your story needs to be told, too, like Jim Garrisons. Maybe you could interview me in a Real People way. I haven’t been able to find it and it is likely they are censoring it like they did with Larry Flynt and all who try to tell these Deep State Truth stories. You’re wit is so clear in the narration - I find I want to write or produce shows with you. Do you have links to your shows you could share with me and I could share with the organizers I am trying to organize. I want to go to a Hilton Head conference of Children’s Defense the first weekend in October. If you wanted to come, I’d pay for you. I really need to have the chance to promote your story and especially the story of how our Democracy has been captured with the capture of the legal system and the prosecutors. We need to unrig the system and I think the anti-vax movement is our best base to mobilize for RFK Jr. We need to end the war on truth and freedom but we can’t do it unless you we can wake people up. Maybe I could pay you and do more fundraising to make a documentary like you did on The American media but with a focus on the vaccine and the pandemic. Your direct humorous way of telling people what your are telling them is so needed because the media is so overtly censoring the truth. They are pushing these kill shots on babies again now and I think it is probably in the water now, too, from the mRNA shedding from the vaccinated. I know a microbiologist who teaches at the Great Lakes naval academy here in Chicagoland area and he was one of the first to tell me if his concerns about the spike protein staying in the lymph system. He said he actually has been approving Fauci’s grants since 1990’s. I find myself not wanting to get him in trouble by outing him as a source, because I know he would be penalized by the military if he dared to speak out. That is the problem. The military and intelligence agencies who are basically our government now all are mandated to be silent. If they talk, it is treason. This is basically how Nazi Fascist totalitarian political repression works. It won’t stop unless we stop it. I don’t know if you saw the great movie, 1919 - or what ever the title was. As a movie critic, I assume you saw it. I feel like the boy at the end who has to get the letter to the General to tell him to call off the attack. The war is over. We have to get this done before it is too late and we’re not here to stop them. It reminds me of William Greider’s book, Who Will Tell the People? I really don’t think we can stop the Fourth Reich unless we dare to speak out against the censorship now. …. I know this sounds panicky, which I am most if the time, but I did have an inspiration tonight at a talk at the Newberry Library. Basically it was a gathering of a hundred or so people who came to hear an author who wrote a kind of Academic book about race in pre-modern times that went with the exhibit. I think we could get them to do something like this for your work. It is an important example of history and the danger of a form of revisionist history called Denialism which is different from Revisionist History because it is an instrument of war that covers up the terrorist warfare by way of deception. It us a hard story to tell with long form print - especially because the Editors and Publishers have been fired and their newspapers have been put into the memory hole. I actually have an idea that needs to be developed into an investigative journalist story or documentary which is that Editors and Publishers magazine was actually bought by Atlantic magazine which is an instrument of NATO. I also heard on Chris Hedges show in an interview with Norm Finklestein that David Horowitz - the editor of the Atlantic magazine - actually started out in the Israeli Defense Forces being someone who participated in the torture of Palestinians. You probably know about him. I think he was an editor that was implicated in the infiltration and subversion of the anti-war Ramparts magazine and as a writer, he is like Michael Savage is being an agitprop force of reactionary Rightwing extremism and he has a virtual monopoly on the radio in the Red states. I know this because I went to Madison, Wisconsin to meet at Political rally organized by Kevin Barrett - the great radio host of Truth Jihad who you should listen to and try to contact because he interviews people like you with strong informed opinions about everyday corruption. Anyhow, on my way home, the only radio channel I could get was Michael Savage and it was savage in its violation of the kind of media practices that the FCC Fairness Doctrine was designed for. Basically, my goal is to get the Fairness Doctrine put back in and I think you can help me get this before Congress. More must be revealed. I you probably have noticed, I try to send these posts to my mentors in my self-assigned goal of stopping the Deep State’s takeover. My first wake up call was reading Peter Dale Scott’s The American Deep State where he finishes the book saying he hopes we will find a way to stop this. With this quest in mind, I contacted Peter Dale Scott and he agreed to let me be on his Facebook page as a friend and then when I write posts like this, I tag him and @MarkCrispinMiller and @PeterPhillips and now you and others in the Deep State Truth movement. Mark Crispin Miller gave me the good advice to de-Nazify the Chicago Police Department which has been a challenge I admit - especially since I just found articles exposing that our progressive mayor’s new pick for police superintendent has a record of police brutality and it has been covered up by the media. I confronted this new pick, Larry Snelling is his name, at community meeting last week but he just denied it. Actually, I need to go to bed now because I want to get up and go to the city council meeting at 7 am tomorrow to try to mobilize them to veto this nomination. Wish me luck. It is kind you going into the justice Department at the end of The American Media and the Second Assassination of President John F Kennedy Jr. I am going to try to post this on my various social media platforms now. More must be revealed. My contact information is @EllenCorley, EllenCorley@gmail.com, 312-371-5078 cell, 312-664-2631 landline ResearchWorks home/ office

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Well, many will get some much-needed relief, but the money will not be free. It will either come from more taxes, which will be levied on the very citizens who are suffering from the adverse effects of those vaccines in this government run by global finance, or the money will be cooked up by printing up money. The latter solution, which is more likely, will result in horrific inflation that will eat up the pay, and the savings, of the same citizens.

Suggesting that the government should pay is like saying that the victims should pay.

We can easily identify where the compensation should come from. The assets of Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, and the other manufactures who made these vaccines should be seized in toto, as should the assets of all the corporations involved in the research related to their development, and the individuals who made fortunes out of the process in the Pentagon, DARPA, or elsewhere.

출처 : Korea IT Times(https://www.koreaittimes.com)


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Jonathan’s Couey’s theory is interesting until you actually get Covid and lose your sense of smell and taste, and then realize his theory that SARs-COV-2 is not novel is half baked. Jessica has managed to interact with Couey and many others in the medical freedom movement without tarnishing her reputation. She’s very careful to stick to her research and not speculate. Keep up the good work Jessica.

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