This makes me want to F-ING scream. I really cannot believe that there's a line happening anywhere for these SHIT SHOTS. I'll share this video here - I made it in hopes that a visual presentation of historical perspective (nutrition, thalidomide, DES, Tuskeegee, etc) might help sway people that are considering taking the 8 mouse clot shot. At this point I am keenly aware that most won't bother reading anything...so here's a video. Feel free to share...


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Sep 24, 2022Liked by Jessica Rose

If you know someone on the fence about getting injected with this COVID nonsense, I would advise them to wait.

I would advise them to NEVER EVER get this SHIT.

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Jessica, what is especially crazy is the minuscule uptake of this bivalent DEATHVAX™ relative to the previous offerings factored with URF means given your above this injection is potentially far more deadly.

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Since I'm now effectively exiled from meaningful communications within my orbit of society and now rigidly perceived as a 'conspiracy theorist' and 'proselytiser' of 'extreme' views, I'm fully adrift. I'm 'out of ammo' - my relentless 'truth bombs' did not explode on impact.

Those people on the other side of this void are tuned to a lower frequency. They cannot receive our signals. We need either a real alien invasion or a complete systemic takedown of Globalist Fake News to wake them up.

Sadly, multitudes will just line up for these new 'bivalent' jabs because they genuinely STILL believe the authorities. They're deaf to us. We're on mute. In exile.

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Sep 24, 2022Liked by Jessica Rose

This is a SADS world we’re living in. 😔

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I know someone who got the bivalent vaccine a couple weeks ago. This was her fifth shot. The first four went fine. The fifth one has landed in her in the hospital with a very serious adverse reaction. It had similarities to Guillain-Barré syndrome, but was ultimately determined to be transverse myelitis. She has had a battery of tests, and is currently unable to walk without assistance, among other things. She is looking at a very long recovery, with no guarantee that it will resolve. I told her she needs to submit a VAERS report. She says she will, but I doubt that she has yet because of all the tests and other things going on.

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Sep 24, 2022Liked by Jessica Rose

Meanwhile, the MSM whores, such Chris Hayes, keep churning out the same-old big pharma infomercials disguised as "news" or "commentary".

They're only urging people to kill or maim themselves. No harm in that, right?


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Not looking too good eh? I feel you.

Am nearly burned out but paid it forward to "the choir".

Thanks Jessica. You're a trooper. 💖

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I thought that the Bivalent death jab was only supposed to be given to those who had already taken jabs one, two, and maybe three. Or do I have that incorrect?

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The desperation in my heart is unbearable. I’m a contract therapist in a nursing home, and the facility is obtaining “consents” from patient family members to administer this garbage. During second and third doses of the first injections, they were also injecting for flu or pneumonia simultaneously “because the CDC says it’s safe.”

I am doing what I can to warn my patients, and send information to the ADON about the dangers of this, only to be given the cold shoulder. I’m already shitlisted for being “unvaccinated” in a facility with a 98% compliance rate. The facility now segregates anyone “not up to date” with 4 doses and patients are left to eat alone in their rooms and kept away from socialization activities. All the while, I watch the sudden and sharp declines of the patients, abnormal lab levels which the doctors “can’t explain”, chronic UTIs, new or exacerbated neurological symptoms, skin conditions, behavioral disturbances, and I could go on and on. Dr. Rose and fellow readers, please pray. May we all have the strength to continue to fight for humanity.

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Sep 24, 2022·edited Sep 24, 2022

Jessica wrote:

"But, to be clear, this really pisses me off. Most people who are being injected with this new ‘bivalent’ shot are doing so as a follow-up to previous shots!"

Could you clarify what exactly is really pissing you off (besides the entire last 2.5 years!)? Is it that people are taking this as a first dose, or that people are taking as a follow up and getting injured?

I for one am amazed that there are at least 74 people taking this as a first dose at this point in the fiasco. What wingnut has waited all this time, apparently oblivious to all that's been going on, and decides NOW is the time to get Covid "vaccinated"?!?!

These poor saps! Part of me wants to say if you're that clueless, you kind of deserve any adverse events you get. But that would be mean. These are clearly not the sharpest pencils in the drawer.

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What I find very surprising is that there are people, who up until now have held out on getting these "vaccines" but now decide to take this one???? 🤔 What is their thought process that led them to believe this shot was safe??

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This is so frustrating for me, for so many. I cringe all the time as the murderes continue to prey on thier victims.

What is even more frustrating is that I am not able to share this with family members who are now on their 3rd shot.

They just shut me down and I risk additional alienation. I have lost 3 long time friends by trying to wake them up, and life is now a lonely experience.

It is so disturbing how so many can go about their day thinking life is on the right track as the so called pandemic is now over.

Intellectually I understand the term cognitive dissonance, yet in my heart I cant fathom as to why people are not able face the evil apon us. If they did, collectively we would be so very strong, as the power of the Human Spirit is the grandest of all.

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“They” won’t be happy until everyone is maimed or dead

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"I just want to take a moment express how disgusted and appalled I am..."

Aw, don't take it so hard! Along with jazz singer Mose Allison,

"Well if this life is drivin' you to drink,

You sittin' 'round not knowin' what to think,

Well I got some consolation,

I'll give it to you if I might:

I don't worry 'bout a thing,

'Cause I know nothin's goin' to be alright."

And furthermore, as I say here:


"As for BigPharma and the COVID/VAXSCAM abomination, I really can't figure how someone who has read Kennedy's book can still be shocked and appalled by BigPharma's deeds (including those of the “Healthcare” system, CDC, FDA, WHO, and associated henchmen : nonstop lies, cheating, stealing, corrupting and killing in pursuit of BigBucks is demonstrated to be the the norm.

I'd be shocked if BigWhatever actually followed a path that could be seen as "doing the right thing".

Can you imagine Pfizer adhering to the Eightfold Path of Buddhism????

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I don't know how the rest of you feel, I don't know what to say to friends or family when I find out in conversation they have gotten "the product"? I have a friend who was vented for 6 weeks. He proceeded to tell me that since his release from the hospital he and his family have gotten two Pfizer shots with two follow up booster shots. He now has a red rash and nobody knows why? I don't know who needs their head banged against a wall. This friend? Or myself. At this point I honestly don't know what to say? I feel like a bad friend if I don't say anything. Minimally an accessory to whomever he convinces to get the product or do I tell him when, at this point the damage is done? He is a person whom oddly enough I wouldn't have chosen as a friend because of his happiness through ignorance approach to life and yet I still have a long distance friendship with.

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