“word salad of pandering and gaslighting”

What a concise encapsulation of the last three years.

“Lapado was not fooled by the unfulfilling salad of words tossed into the air, however. Apparently, he likes steak - and he likes it on da grill with the lines and stuff. Like old school graph paper.”

🤣👏😋 These sentences, on the other hand, constitute a gourmet serving of damn fine hilarity and spot-on-edness.

Lapado’s persistence has earned him a badge of transformation from mainstream straddler to truth-teller:

• “Letter to a Mainstream Straddler: Live Not by Half-Lies” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-a-mainstream-straddler)

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May 14, 2023Liked by Jessica Rose

Excellent letter by Dr Ladapo! (Thank you for being such a fearless warrior too, dear Jessica.)

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Jessica - your fearlessness and truth shines brighter than the brightest star 🌻🤩🌻Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do!

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May 14, 2023Liked by Jessica Rose

Jessica, Jesus loves you.

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May 14, 2023Liked by Jessica Rose

Thanks Jessica!

Have you read the biased story https://bylinetimes.com/2023/05/12/the-radicalisation-of-andrew-bridgen/

who had referenced some of Florida's covid vax research in his speech to the British Parliament? He was subsequently booted out of the Conservative party. They call his speech misinformation.

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Only a bonafide psychopath, or the demonically possessed, would so willfully ignore the growing mountain of evidence of harm from these jabs and do nothing within their authority to stop it. Governments worldwide are in desperate need of criminal prosecution and exorcism.

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you will succeed. you are succeeding. this is why we are here. keep it up. you are infinitely powerful!

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Ladapo is a perfect example of how one can "persist" without taking concrete action that actually makes change. He can write as many letters as he wants to. The letters he writes are absolutely pointless when you stop and think about it - do you really believe that the recipients are of sound enough mind to actually read and comprehend what he is saying, albeit in a round-about way?

Think about it. What is Ladapo's job? To protect the health of each and every Floridian. To that end, is he somehow unaware of the bonuses paid to Florida hospitals for putting elderly patients on Remdesivir? He's the "Surgeon General", so, of course he knows.

Think about it. Is he unaware of Ed Dowd's recent testimony to the senate that over 600,000 Americans have been murdered by the shot? ( Not the "virus", the SHOT ) Unless he lives under a rock somewhere, he knows this.

Think about it. Is he aware of Dr. Denis Rancourt's work that proves that there was NO pandemic and that over 13 million people globally have been killed by the shots? If he does not know this and I know this - a retired EE living in Florida, we have a big problem.

Is he aware of Kevin McKernan's recent analysis of Moderna and Pfizer gere-therapy shot vials which clearly show seriously contaminated product with things like plasmid DNA?

Think about it. Let's say LaDapo and DeSantis are aware of all the facts that I listed above. Why don't they stop the killings via hospital protocol and via the gene-therapy shots?

Answer: They are both cowards. Until they actually stop the killings, they are both a very real part of the problem. Grow some balls, stop the shots and protocols, and tell the truth.

If they continue to "persist" in the current fashion, they both are "good Germans". Back in nazi Germany, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, hanged by Hitler for plotting to assassinate him, wrote a brilliant essay from prison that perfectly describes both LaDapo and DeSantis:


Think about it. Unless they actually take real, corrective action, everything else they continue to do is stupid; people are dying every day from this abomination.

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May 14, 2023·edited May 14, 2023

"..what she [Walensky] did was wrong?"

Avoiding the issue that this injection program did what it was supposed to do, sterilize and slow-kill, is gaslighting. This wasn't a respiratory virus and it isn't a vaccine; it's a payload delivery system:

"Watch the Water-2, Closing Chapter"


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Gas lighting is so common now it's scary. Did you watch WCH's big rally in Trafalgar Square in London ... and march yesterday? The police didn't interfere but were there helping them stay in the proper lane, etc. No doubt some were in agreement but dare not show it. The facts don't gas light. Truth is out there. Are humans ever going to develop beyond worshipping money, drugs, humans, and books? I surely hope so. The Creator is Love, I have yet to see that in play in any vaccine worship.

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These are arguably your 6 most important words to us, ever.

"Just stand up. And stay up."

For a long time, you and other savior/warriors have done exactly that.

And you've all had just cause to blow a gasket.

- at us, your 'followers'. Your justified frustration is showing.


we, your followers (lovelies) SUCK!

We get your reports. We furrow our brows. We pound our keyboards

bemoaning the situation. condemning the guilty, consoling each other,

telling you what great jobs you're doing.

After all the admiration, praise, encouragement and gratitude,

we might as well be doll or action figure collectors, lining you

all up on a shelf!

We use you as pills or surrogates for the warriors WE SHOULD BE,

as we recoil from the complexity, difficulty, and even danger

involved in actually doing what your discoveries obligate us to do.

The crimes are known.

We are, know or knew the victims.

The perpetrators and accomplices are known.

They endanger, injure, damage and kill people.

So far, they have not been endangered, injured, damaged, killed or even charged!

Institutional Justice - if It still has a pulse - is A.W.O.L.

Until it is staffed, up, and running, we MUST work without it.

I will post again soon with some important aspects, & explanations

regarding this idea.

And sincere gratitude and praise for those who do not fit the aforementioned descriptions.

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Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful moms out there.

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"they have been hidden since time immemorial, as this is part of their "character".

I agree they are now hiding - even more so, BUT, "they" still keep trying as "they" must always WIN, they are still pulling the strings of others. Complete rejection is required, and in this case VERY PUB LIC Prison and Death sentences are needed.

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My Surgeon General must be doing something right. The Palm Beach Post ( democrat propaganda rag) just condemned him in an editorial.

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Protect your children...thank you Jessica.

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Way to go, Ladapo!❣

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